A Smaller, Affordable Digester


A struggling dairy industry is looking for answers – and it turns out smaller can be better! A robust 50 – 150 kW digester with the latest technology joins this manufacturer’s larger 225 kW, 360 kW and 550 kW models for farms of various sizes. More importantly, the pricing is dramatically lower because it is a one-size-fits-all, slurry digester, rather than a custom sized system that processes a diverse variety of feedstocks. (One minute time lapse construction/assembly video above).

Agricultural Digesters LLC has contracted to be the exclusive representative, in Vermont and additional regions in the northeast, USA of this unique system that typically produces 50kW – 150 kW of electricity. The advantages include:

  • A price extremely attractive to farmers and lenders.
  • Savings of thousands of dollars monthly, even while the loan is being repaid.
  • Our network can provide financial assistance. They are motivated by the return of the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC).
  • Financial assistance from USDA and NRCS is possible.
  • Digester components are largely assembled in advance and can be bolted into place. Operational maintenance is simple, as little as 15 minutes/day.
  • If electricity sales to the grid bring a low price per kW, these digesters can instead supply the farm’s own power.
  • Some larger farms will find multiple units a smart investment.
  • The farm has free bedding solids as well as excess solids to sell to other farms as bedding, soil amendment to plant nurseries and compost companies.
  • Should the farmer decide to sell his farm in the future, this digester is an asset that increases the sales price significantly.
  • If the farm is not sold to a farmer, the digester can be disassembled, sold and moved to another farm.
  • Digesting and separation, combined with drag lining and injection, increases nutrient management flexibility and reduces phosphorus runoff,

Video (3:00) of another small digester this time with “renewable green” walls, at a European farm complex stressing “Innovation for Animal Comfort”.

Technology module and stainless steel wall sections ready for farm delivery.

Digester under construction/assembly.

Technology module in place.

Digester with “renewable green” walls.