One happy farmer! Dan Woodger of Rockwood Farm in Granville, Massachusetts.
Pictured with his 480 kW system launched in 2019. Backstory below.


Agricultural Digesters has been involved in various ways with the following biogas systems and projects:

Sales Only
480 kW Rockwood Farm, Granville Massachusetts, USA
360 kW Luther Belden Farm, Hatfield, Massachusetts, USA
550 kW Fort Hill Farm, Thompson, Connecticut, USA
480 kW Hytone Farm, Coventry, Connecticut, USA (under development)

Current Development
150 kW Swanton, Vermont, USA
110 kW Sutton, Vermont, USA
150 kW Franklin, Vermont, USA
150 kW Grand Isle, Vermont, USA
150 kW Stowe, Vermont, USA
150 kW South Hero, Vermont, USA
150 kW Fairfield, Vermont, USA
150 kW Fairfield, Vermont, USA (2)
150 kW Alburgh, Vermont, USA
150 kW Addison, Vermont, USA
150 kW Milton, Vermont, USA
150 kW Sheldon, Vermont, USA

650 kW Amman, Jordan

Step by step history of a digester near the Massachusetts/Connecticut border:

Step 1 – After meeting Dan Woodger (left) in 2016, Jim Muir invited him to a presentation by a specialist from Pennsylvania (far right) about benefits of spreading liquid digestate on fields.


Step 2 – At the request of Rockwood Farm, Muir identified a project developer (right) to obtain food waste to co-digest with the farm’s manure. The drop-off or “tipping” fees from haulers make larger biogas facilities in southern New England financially viable.

Step 3 – In-ground digester tank by RCM Digesters under construction at Rockwood farm.

Step 4 – Dan Woodger in front of his digester which now co-digests the manure of 400 adult cows with liquid food waste. The structure being built to the right will house a “de-packager” to process more varied waste and provide higher tipping fees to the farm.