Pragma (web page above) is an international development company “delivering cutting-edge solutions for the world’s most intractable challenges”. Their headquarters are in Washington DC with branch offices in Jordan, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen

Just because a country is located in the oil rich Middle East does not mean it is indifferent to greenhouse gas mitigation or responsible agricultural stewardship. As a result, with financial assistance from USAid, a modern, integrated, agricultural park is being considered for Jordan by Pragma, an international development consultant.

It was determined that an anaerobic digester to convert the park’s expected animal manure, vegetable, fruit and other waste into renewable electricity was an ideal “fit”. Electricity that could be sold to the Jordanian electric utility or used “off grid” to power businesses at the site.

Our friends in Washington DC recommended Agricultural Digesters LLC to consult on this. We will use our international experience to identify potential revenue streams as well as suppliers who can maximize renewable energy production and environmental benefits from a biodigester project.

This is the second USAid funded project for Agricultural Digesters team members. Several years ago, we helped our sister company facilitate improved electric service in the Georgian Republic.