Using Agrilab’s zone technology, operators have aeration control over every stage of the composting process from initial mixing to controlled product drying.

On May 20, an open house was held at the Magnan Farm in Fairfield, Vermont. The purpose was to demonstrate the farm’s new full scale composting operation which represents a major new revenue stream. The operation was developed by Agrilab which specializes in efficient compost aeration and heat recovery.

The Magnan Farm is also a client of Agricultural Digesters and we expect to launch a digester at this farm in Spring, 2023. One of the points Agrilab made was that the digested solids Magnan will use in the future have properties to make compost even more valuable than today’s product made from raw manure. Working with Agrilab we hope to bring the revues offered by full composting to our other farm digester clients as well.

The open house was well attended including representatives from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and Markets

Compost heat wagon.