The new administration in Washington is prioritizing farm methane reduction.

Biogas development in America is changing fast. Despite the fact the USA has far more cows than Europe, today we have only a fraction the number of farm digesters (270 vs. 15,000!). But that is changing. The profitability of RNG (renewable natural gas projects) has caused a surge of digester investment at the country’s largest farms while Washington is instructing USDA and NRCS to prioritize methane reduction nationally.

One respected source that describes this is the Journal of Nutrient Management published by Hoard’s. In the article JNM Article – Where is biogas heading under theĀ  “More on Digesters” subhead, government requests for additional support from both USDA and NRCS are mentioned. They include new funding for farm methane digester construction as well as expediting these projects that decrease greenhouse gases.

Washington now recognizes green electricity and renewable natural gas can replace fossil fuels.