Grazing on hill near the village of Stowe, Vermont

It is exciting to discover others with shared goals. Below are four such groups in the northeast, USA that we joined in 2021.

We develop biogas projects in part by creating a 20 year financial projection that shows investors and farmers their long term return on investment in an anaerobic digester. Profitability is key because the digester will not reach its potential if the farm falters financially, the cows are sold and the key raw material, manure, disappears. All these groups help us improve projections.

The Vermont Farm Bureau supports the future of our farmer clients.

The Vermont Farm Bureau website states it is a strong policy voice with “a concern for the future family farms and preservation of  Vermont’s rural character”.  Support from the farm bureau helps ensure the financial success of our biodigester projects by listening to the needs of its members.

Energy Vision connects organizations with shared interest in carbon neutrality.

Energy Vision advances commercial and effective solutions for a carbon neutral economy. For Agricultural Digesters LLC, they have made introductions to potential clients, suppliers and financial sources interested in methane digesters.

The Compost Association of Vermont improves soil and the environment and digester owners can assist them with both.

The Composting Association of Vermont seeks to “promote the production and use of compost as a vital link between soil health and sustainable agriculture and communities”. Our biogas systems can sell digested solids to compost companies or partially digest these solids at the farm before the compost company purchases and moves them offsite. Another revenue stream for the financial projection!

The Friends or Northern Lake Champlain have long fought a serious water quality battle.

Moving these phosphorus heavy digested solids off the farm as compost, as well as spreading the more dilute liquid digestate, rather than raw manure, greatly pleases the Friends of Northern Lake Champlain. The friends focus on reducing phosphorus runoff and our biogas systems can significantly improve water quality while at the same time reducing greenhouse gases. As a result, the FONLC provide references and introductions to support our efforts.