A Small Scale Methane Digester

Maximize profits with a small scale manure digester – designed for both small and medium farms!

A robust anaerobic digester we represent, incorporating the latest international technology, is now available to farms of all sizes. More importantly, the pricing is dramatically lower because it is steel rather than concrete and assembled above ground rather than constructed inground.

Biogas energy output is largely determined by retention time and this system comes with a variety of tank sizes, maximizing output.

Agricultural Digesters, LLC has contracted to be the exclusive representative in Vermont and additional regions in the northeast, USA of this unique, small scale manure digester system.

The advantages of these small scale biodigesters include:

  • A price extremely attractive to farmers and lenders.
  • Income and offsets totaling tens of thousands monthly from day one.
  • Grants from USDA/REAP and NRCS/EQIP will likely be awarded.
  • Lenders and investors motivated by the 30%+ Investment Tax Credit.
  • Free bedding as well as excess solids to sell as organic compost.
  • Nutrient management flexibility that reduces phosphorus runoff.
  • Digesting, separation, draglining and injection improve the environment.


Manure digester that can process the waste of 625 milking cows.


Digester that can process the manure of 300 cows plus 25% food waste.

Intuitive display allows monitoring on farm as well as remotely by smartphone.