We picked up farmers planning digesters in Vermont for a two-day trip to Canada.

Canadian farmers (left and right) describe their successful biogas experience to American visitors.

After somehow managing to cross the international border twice (a long story!) we visited two Canadian farms with successful complete mix systems. As pictured above, there was plenty to talk about. Even though America borders on Canada, the two countries have different approaches to dairy farming. Currently Canadian farmers benefit more.

After lots of driving it was back to the hotel for dinner, “adult beverages” and a good night’s sleep before heading home. This time with a single border crossing!


This Canadian digester facility was expanding to almost 1 mw. It has access to large quantities of city food waste that can be co-digested with manure

Relaxing after a long day, (from left) Bodo Mueller and Christie Ings of manufacturer PlanET Biogas, Dwight and Ryan Bullis and Ron Machia. Rather than adding a variety of food waste, manure digesters in Vermont are simpler and less maintenance intense.