In September 2023, with funding from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), we were able to obtain additional grants of $747,124, $750,294 and $929,360 respectively for three more of our dairy farm clients. Now it is just a matter of completing some permitting steps before ordering equipment. These three farms will soon join our fourth farm which received its REAP grant in late 2022.

Here also is a report in the Vermont media about Senator Peter Welch celebrating the $3.7 million in REAP grants in 2023. Of this amount more than $2.4 million went to our three farms which are mentioned in the article. In addition to the REAP, EQIP funding from NRCS is available for manure management equipment that operates better with a digester, such as draglining. In addition, when the 30%-40% investment tax credit, utilized by the farm or a friendly investor is added to the REAP, it can reduce the total cost to the farm by 50% or more.

Timing is important – when to expand, when to plant and when to buy new equipment. Where will milk prices go? What about feed? What will happen with fuel costs? We are here to tell you one thing for certain and that is that now is the time to invest in a steady and reliable revenue source, a farmer owned anaerobic digester. It just might save your farm some day as it has others. The government has announced grant funding for another 18 months and during that period we are confident we can get it for you.

Renewable electricity can be sold, solid digestate can offset your farm’s bedding costs, liquid digestate is more inexpensively spread than raw manure and more plant available. The heat put out by your combined heat and power generator can eliminate the cost of heating your milking parlor and any homes and buildings located around the farm.

New manure pit at 325 milking cow farm straddling the Sheldon/Franklin town line. This digester will add brewery waste to produce 150 kW of electricity.

On a hill near our Stowe farm’s workshop. Their biodigester will process the manure of 540 milking plus brewery waste.

Our Sheldon farmer soon to have a 100% manure digester for 1,450 milking cows.