Biogas engineering presentation at Yasar Group in Izmir, Turkey

Representing RCM Digesters Jim Muir was invited by one of Turkey’s largest agricultural groups, Yasar Holding, to travel to Izmir to offer biogas solutions.

This nation of 83 million has a well-established dairy infrastructure, nevertheless, Yasar wanted the latest information from American specialists about turning their animal waste into energy, producing superior fertilizer and reducing the methane that causes global warming . Our presentations were well received although there was reluctance about using digested manure solids for bedding. Understandable, as some Americans also have an emotional reaction to animals resting on what previously was manure.

The reality is that manure is changed dramatically in the anaerobic digesting process, 25 days without oxygen at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius) and emerges as a soft material that looks, smells and feel like dirt. It cushions the cow’s joints more effectively than most other bedding materials which increases cow comfort and milk production. Perhaps best of all – it is free. The farm no longer has bedding costs and the significant excess can be sold as bedding to nearby farms or as soil amendment to plant nurseries.

Sometime after this trip we chose to offer both German and American biogas technology to the farm clients of Agricultural Digesters LLC.

At dairy farm in Izmir with Yasar management

Following tour of dairy farms in Izmir, Muir at lunch with major energy firm in Istanbul

A Yasar owned dairy farm in Izmir

Cows on rubber mats which can cause joint swelling. Bedding on digested solids reduces this concern.